8 apartment balcony makeover ideas

8 apartment balcony makeover ideas

Having a balcony in your apartment can be a wonderful addition to your living space. A dedicated place where you can spend time outside is something that many apartment-dwellers can only dream of.

But sometimes, an apartment balcony can end up looking a little tired, which can make you less inclined to want to make the most of it.

You can do wonders in overhauling an underused outdoor space by giving it an apartment balcony makeover. It’s amazing how much difference a few extra touches and a bit of creativity can make to your balcony. Let’s take a look at some great ideas for updating your balcony.

8 apartment balcony makeover ideas

1) Change the flooring

When people are considering an apartment balcony makeover, they often forget about the flooring but it is worth considering it.

The standard grey concrete floor can make even the nicest makeover look a little tired and, by mixing the floor up a little, you can truly elevate your apartment look.

One option is to use interlocking decking. This type of decking is perfect for an apartment balcony, especially if you are a renter, because it can easily be removed when you move out.

And it makes the entire balcony feel warmer and more natural. Decking is also the perfect backdrop for a wide range of color schemes and decor ideas.

Another option is to lay tiles down. A tiled floor can give your balcony a bright European feel and they come in so many designs and colors that you are bound to find something that suits your taste.

Ceramic tiles are perfect for places that have a lot of hot weather because they stay relatively cool. You might even like stepping out onto your tiled balcony on your bare feet.

2) Think about furniture configuration

One way to makeover your balcony and completely change how it feels to sit out there is to create a living room effect.

You can use the same sorts of design rules as you would for a living room and it will completely change the feel of your outdoor space. Suddenly, it is a cozy and friendly space where you are able to relax and enjoy people’s company.

Use similar sort of furniture as you would in a living room, so a couch, chairs, a coffee table.

If you have a big enough apartment balcony you can also consider zoning.

Zoning is an important interior design idea where you separate out different parts of a room to create different zones. For a balcony, you could have a living room zone and a dining zone with a bistro table and chairs.

Your balcony will be more comfortable because the zoning makes sense and it will be more attractive because, as human beings, we like order and patterns.

3) Add some comfort

Your balcony doesn’t have to be a place full of nothing but hard surfaces. Adding some fabric and comfort to the space can instantly make it more comfortable and welcoming.

You can use floor pillows or a thick rug on the floor of your balcony for the perfect place to sit or lie in the sun.

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If you have a couch, adding some throw cushions will help to make it that much more comfortable.

Installing a swing is the perfect way of creating somewhere to sit and while away an afternoon or evening.

Hanging egg chairs have become a popular option that don’t take up as much space as a full swing and that look contemporary and sleek.

You could even go for a hammock for a fun look which will give you a space for an outside nap.

4) Don’t forget lighting

An apartment balcony makeover shouldn’t just be focused on what an apartment will look like in sunlight. One of the joys of having a balcony area is that it can be a wonderful place to relax, eat, or socialize on a warm evening. But to make the most of the evening hours, it is important to have the right lighting.

Large candles can look beautiful and can give your balcony a natural feel. Candlelight dances in even the slightest wind which can make your balcony romantic and cozy. Alternatively, string lights attached to your balcony fence or wall will enclose your balcony in a warm display of lights and will also have the added benefit of making your balcony feel enclosed and private.

5) Add a cover

When you are deciding on your apartment balcony makeover, it can be a good idea to consider adding a cover or awning above your balcony.

This will, of course, have a practical purpose in that it will help to keep your balcony in shade in bright sunlight and it can also help to shelter it from rain.

Some awnings will be retractable so you can have it cover your balcony only when you want it to.

You can also use the cover for your balcony as a way of brightening up your outdoor space. Bright stripes and other designs can be eye-catching and fun and they can give a European cafe feel to your outdoor space.

6) Think about the color scheme

Just as with designing any space, getting the color scheme right for your apartment balcony can help to tie it together and give it a cohesive look that reflects your own sense of style. Moroccan colors, such as cobalt blue, bright red, and emerald green, are popular choices for balconies, especially when paired with the right kinds of patterned fabrics and lighting choices.

Bright yellows are also popular because they give a bright, sunny feel, as are other bright and striking colors. Or many people opt for whites and creams, against which greenery can really pop.

7) Add some greenery

By bringing some nature into your apartment balcony makeover, you can distinguish your outdoor space from your indoor space. Spending time around green plants can also help you to feel happier and more relaxed. And there are lots of options for how to add some plants to your balcony, even if you are limited on space.

Window boxes can be a great choice that won’t take up any balcony floor space. And they can help to frame the architecture of your apartment. Hanging plants are also a great choice that won’t reduce your floor space and you can choose some beautiful plants and flowers that will trail down from the basket. If you have a partition wall, you can create a wall of planters that will make your balcony feel as though it is enclosed in a garden.

You also have a lot of choices over the types of plants that you choose. A herb garden can be a practical choice that can help you to make fresh and delicious food. Or you can choose plants that have bright flowers and blooms to add a splash of color to your balcony. If you want a low-maintenance option, there are lots of plant choices that don’t require a huge amount of care.

8) Switch up the balcony rail

Switching up your balcony rail can completely change how your apartment balcony feels. Most of the time, you will be sitting and facing out so even if you thoughtfully decorate the rest of the balcony, the look of the balcony rail itself will still feature heavily in the look of your balcony.

If you are renting, you may not be able to replace the rail itself, but you can still change how it looks. Painting it a camouflaged natural color can help it to blend into the view from your balcony, which can help your balcony to feel more open.

Or you can opt to paint it a bright color and make a feature of it. Adding some string lights, lanterns, or plants, can also jazz up your balcony rail.

If you are able to change your balcony rail, a popular choice is to replace it with glass.

This is a particularly good option if you are lucky enough to have a good view from your balcony because it won’t cut any of the views off and will instead make it a highlight of your outdoor space.

On the other hand, if you prefer your balcony to feel more private, you can use slatted wood to partition the balcony and make your balcony feel more enclosed and give you some extra privacy.

This partition can be in any style and color that you like so you can tie it in with the style of the rest of your apartment balcony makeover.

The bottom line

An apartment balcony makeover can do wonders for making your outdoor space a more comfortable and fun place to be.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you can make a big difference to how the space looks even through smaller touches.

Whether you would prefer a private relaxing space or a bright and happy space that is perfect for socializing, you can make your apartment balcony the perfect spot for you.