Balcony Wall Décor: 12 Tips for Contemporary Balcony Wall Decor

Balcony Wall Decor

Having an outdoor space such as a patio or a balcony is a top-notch privilege.

Therefore as a homeowner, incorporating some attractive design within your balcony, especially the balcony wall, is one way of enjoying the outdoors within your home.

You don’t have to be an expert at any interior or exterior decoration. Below is a comprehensive guide for balcony wall décor, including aesthetically pleasing and functional balcony wall décor ideas.

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Hanging Mini Flower Planters

1. Hanging Wall Art

If you have a sizable wall on your outdoor living area, adding some art can be a good idea for decor.

Some wall art would ordinarily include a painting, woven baskets.

Woven baskets are a brilliant form of wall art for your balcony wall since they are waterproof, affordable, and spice up your balcony wall. Try mixing and creating different wall art sizes to create a gallery wall installation.

2. Add Picture Frames

Hang some memorable pictures on your balcony wall in case your indoor wall is almost full with more pictures.

You can try colorful frames or colorless alternatives.

You can use colored frames to create a very good theme for your balcony wall, especially if you coordinate it with the wall color. It is also a good idea to mix up different shapes of the picture frames.

3. Install Decorative Birdcages and Birdhouses

Your balcony wall can host more than painting in case you don’t fancy the idea.

This is a brilliant idea for bird lovers with excess balcony space. Install a birdhouse or birdcage for attractive colorful birds. It provides an attractive view for passers-by.

Installing a birdhouse on your balcony wall is a functional balcony wall decor idea and a cost-effective way of rearing birds.

4. Balcony Wall Decor with Planters

Most apartments nowadays come with small balcony sizes. For this idea, add some fresh pastel colors that will match well with your planters.

If your wall has classic wood paneling, paint a fresh shade of pastel green or any colors you may desire to go with your planters.

You can still try this out even if your balcony wall is not made of wood paneling.

Install small planters that follow the overall color scheme of the balcony wall decor and design.

You can use the planters as vases and place your favorite flowers to be changed regularly. Alternatively, you could plant some herbs or beautiful indoor flowering plants.

Planters with flowers or plants will give your balcony space a more refreshing look and feeling for the perfect relaxation spot.

5. Balcony Wall Stone Cladding

A brick wall is a warm, inviting balcony wall decor idea for your outdoor space.

Stone cladding design gives your outdoor space a beautifully rustic appeal.

On top of the red brick walls, you can add a few more things to complement the brick wall. A swing chair gives the balcony a more relaxing feeling.

You can also add a few green plants and artificial grass to give the impression of a real garden.

6. Balcony Wall Green Boxes

Evidently, there are several ways to add plants as part of your balcony wall decor to allow for functionality and aesthetic appeal.

You can go for an independent unit, such as the commonly used planters, or use a large unit covering the entire balcony wall.

A large unit with several green boxes can be used to plant flowers, plants or adding several types of decor to the shelves.

7. How About Hanging a Clock?

Having a designer clock on your balcony wall is a good idea for decoration.

You can use a box clock, table clock, or wall clock, depending on your choice and balcony space. Using many clocks on your balcony wall is not a good idea unless you are mixing them with different art pieces.

8. Hang String Lights

Having colorful string lights on your balcony is also a recommended outdoor space decorating idea.

It gives your outdoor space an attractive party theme. String lights are especially nice if you have a large balcony wall space to magnify the lighting experience.

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Patio String Lights

9. Paint your Balcony Wall in Cheerful Colors

Painting is one of the most effective solutions for interior and exterior decoration. You can use any color to bring out the best in a space or an object.

You can opt for cheerful hues like some dark and shiny colors, peach, orange, red, or blue, for your balcony wall.

While painting your balcony walls, you can add some attractive features such as an assortment of flowers and curtains. A different shade is always a good idea for different walls.

10. Modern Vertical Garden

As briefly mentioned, having greens is one of the simplest ways of decorating a space.

Homeowners who adore plants or generally find having them more functional tend to have mini-gardens in their terraces or balconies.

Having a vertical garden is a contemporary method of managing a garden. It is a good idea for your balcony wall.

You can talk to a contractor or carpenter to install some vertical wood paneling that can make a great base and backdrop for your plants.

You can then plant climbers in planters on the floor and let the climbers make their way up.

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Vertical Wall Garden Planter

11. Attach A Magazine Rack

A magazine rack is an ideal option for magazine and book covers.

You will find many options for magazine racks in the market, coming in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Most homeowners prefer funky and trendy racks since they appear more attractive than standard racks.

A good idea would be to add a swing chair next to or below the magazine rack to create the impression of an outdoor library.

You can also create a reading nook near the book rack. A reading nook creates a comfortable spot for relaxing and reading, especially with an outdoor view.

It is an ideal option for individuals with bigger balcony spaces.

12. Stone Washbasin

A common outdoor washbasin is an ideal choice since the element is then easier to manage.

Install a green wall that makes for an impressive natural base. Install a modern rustic stone basin, which is an ingenious way of utilizing your balcony wall.

It is an outstanding feature of balcony wall decor.

How to Do A Balcony Wall Decor

Decorating a wall is not entirely impossible. However, not everyone has the creative element that allows you to randomly come up with an awesome home interior or exterior design.

The easiest method to decorate a balcony wall is using paint to give it a refreshing look.

You can add simple art features to give your balcony wall a more personalized feel.

Alternatively, you can talk to a professional designer to share some ideas for decorating your balcony wall.

Tips for Decorating Your Balcony Wall on a Budget

Regardless of your balcony wall size, you can still implement your decor ideas without spending a lot.

By focusing on style and function, you can turn your balcony wall into an aesthetically pleasing attraction.

When brainstorming balcony wall decor idea, keep the following in mind;

  • Function. How will you use the balcony wall?
  • Style. What do you want your balcony wall to look like?
  • Budget. How much can you set aside for this project?

Plan Your Space

Measure your balcony wall sizes as you determine how you will utilize the space. Create a wall plan for your ideas.

After planning, the next task is the acquisition of these materials and decoration objects.

Most creative homeowners prefer the “do-it-yourself” approach, where you can use your potential to create artistic impressions and pieces.

Decorating your balcony wall is a reasonably easy project.

As long as you know what works for you and have the materials for it, you can do it yourself or with the help of an interior designer.

Benefits of Balcony Wall Decor

Decorating your balcony wall comes with a few perks that include;

• Aesthetic Appeal. Wall decor gives your space an attractive appeal.

Decorating your balcony space is ideal, especially if you regularly host parties on the balcony. You could easily make your balcony space appear more outstanding than the rest of the house.

In a nutshell, the balcony wall allows you to explore your creativity.

• Functionality. You can use your balcony walls to create some functional elements.

For example, the planters mentioned above are a good way, functional way to decorate your wall since you can use them to plant some vegetables or herbs for home use.

• Maximizing Space. Like all other rooms, the balcony is also a part of the house you should fully utilize.

Decorating your balcony space with furniture and book racks is a great way of decongesting the interior and maximizing the outdoor balcony space.

• Cost-effective. Balcony wall decoration is a more budget-friendly way of making your home attractive.

• Increases home value. Prospective property buyers are usually attracted by eye-catching, detailed features added to a property.

By decorating your balcony space and wall, you can slightly increase the value of your home and easily convince a buyer to close the deal.

Final Thoughts

You can try amazing balcony wall decor ideas to give your home a lift.

Whether you have a small or big balcony wall, professionally done balcony wall decor is almost guaranteed to make you more interested in your outdoor space. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced in interior design.

You can always pick a relatable idea off the internet or take your time and come up with your idea.