Best Fertilizer for Hibiscus

Best Fertilizer for Hibiscus

Hibiscus plants bloom huge, colorful, and star-shaped flowers. They fit well in an area of small square footage and provide beautiful, vibrant, natural art to a balcony garden. 

Hibiscus plants are hearty and grow quickly with many bright blooms with good, simple care – which includes the right fertilizer. 

Hibiscus plants are tropical, but many varieties grow in more northern growing zones. They do well in full sun or partial sun. Hardy hibiscus grows easier and can survive tougher winters, than tropical hibiscus. They can be kept at 2-3 feet tall or grow to 10 feet. 

The flowers – in pink, red, peach, purple, lavender, orange, yellow, rose, and white – themselves can grow to more than a foot wide.

For fertilizing them, feedings throughout the growing season are recommended. Some products are slow-release, meaning you can apply them less often, some products need to be reapplied every few weeks throughout the growing season, which is usually pretty long, from early spring to late fall, in most growing zones in the United State. Here are five of the best fertilizers for hibiscus available from Amazon. 

5 best fertilizer for hibiscus flowers you can buy: 

HIBISGAIN Hibiscus Fertilizer

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HIBISGAIN Fertilizers, from Bougainvillea Growers International, were developed and used by pros in the tropical hub – south Florida – for hibiscus. 

Hibiscus plants use up a lot of fertilizer or plant food, but the best way to fertilize them according to HIBISGAIN, is with a relatively light amount of fertilizer about every few weeks to a month all season long, on a regular schedule. Steady, consistent nutrients lead to blooms continuing to come throughout the growing season – which can be many months from late spring to late fall even in USDA zones 5-7 and year-round in zones that don’t get to freezing temperatures. 

HIBSGAIN is formulated specifically for hibiscus. It’s meant to be applied easily, simply on top of the soil, and with no mixing needed. Fertilizer should be spread over the full root zone of the plant, but never touching the leaves or stem itself as it will likely burn or discolor the foliage. The plant should be watered before and after applying the fertilizer. 

“The key to success with heavy-feeding hibiscus plants is to fertilize lightly and often. Hibiscus should be fertilized at least once a month throughout the growing season, and the schedule should be kept up regularly. Remember that numerous light applications of hibiscus fertilizer are always better than a few heavy applications.”

The product comes in a 2-pound, resealable bag – which should be good for a balcony garden for months – and larger, more commercial, quantities as well. A 2-pound bag is $29.98 on Amazon.


  • Developed and used by pro experts in Homestead, Fla.
  • Formulated solely for hibiscus
  • Easy to apply
  • Promotes beautiful flower blossoms
  • Many five-star reviews, 81% five-stars, and positive, specific comments on Amazon
  • Good reviews and comments about the ease of use and value


  • On the more expensive side

EarthPods Premium Hibiscus and Tropical Flower Plant Food – Easy Organic Fertilizer Spikes

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If you want no measuring or mixing at all, EarthPods, by EarthWorm Technologies, are pods, or spikes, designed to be put into the soil, watered, and that’s it. EarthPods are made to replicate the natural ground composition of a forest.

Along with being one of the best fertilizers for hibiscus, this product is also designed to feed many tropical plants. If your balcony garden includes bougainvillea, lantana, heliconia, jasmine, plumeria, anthurium, crocosmia, bird of paradise, blood lilies, ixora, plumbago, passion flowers and/or hibiscus, this could be the right all-in-one. 

100 EarthPod spikes are meant to last one medium to large hibiscus plant 3-4 years. It’s designed to improve flower production, bloom color, and root growth. The spikes release nutrients slowly and steadily and are meant to be used every 2-3 weeks. The pod or spike is simple and clean to use for hanging baskets, vertical tower gardens, raised beds, and smaller container settings. There is no phosphate, chemical, or compost smell with a spike. The company recommends using its TeaDrops liquid fertilizer when watering when putting in the pods.

EarthWorm is made in the USA. Its fertilizers are vegan and child and pet safe.

A canister of 100 capsules is $39.99 on Amazon.


  • Quick, easy and fool-proof to use
  • Can be used with a variety of tropical plants
  • Easy to use in hanging baskets, raised containers, tower gardens, and smaller containers
  • No bad smell (for you or your neighbors)
  • Easy for elderly or physically challenged gardeners to use
  • Child and pet safe
  • More than 1,200 reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Amazon


  • It’s probable to use a lot of pods in a hurry with a larger garden or many plants

Dr. Earth Exotic Blend Palm, Tropical, and Hibiscus Fertilizer

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Dr. Earth’s fertilizer for hibiscus and more tropical and sub-tropical plants is organic, with no synthetic chemicals, made from human and feed-grade ingredients, and has no GMO matter at any level. Dr. Earth products are non-GMO project verified and certified by the Organic Material Review Institute, the National Organic Program, Organic Input Materials, and the California Certified Organic Farmers.

It is designed to be a combination of quick-release fertilizer and a slower release that lasts several months.

Specific to hibiscus, this fertilizer can be applied to new and established hibiscus. For new plantings, it’s recommended to use in the soil and once the plant is set in place. For established hibiscus, it’s meant to be used once every two months during the growing season. 

Hibiscus do best in moist – but not soggy or muddy – soil. There should be good drainage. It can be a healthy idea to add organic matter and check the acidic level. Hibiscus plants do best in slightly acidic soil; with a pH level from 6.5-6.8. Compost or peat moss, if you’re ok with the smell for a little bit, increases pH.

Dr. Earth fertilizer is people and pet-safe. It’s made in the USA. A 4-pound bag is $11.44 on Amazon. It’s also available in 1-pound and 12-pound sizes.


  • The only non-GMO project verified the best fertilizer for hibiscus in the U.S. and is sustainably made from human and feed-grade ingredients.
  • Comes from a strictly organic company that has developed organic, sustainable, environmental products – including for food – for 30 years
  • Designed to be used every two months
  • Child and pet safe
  • Inexpensive
  • 4.6 rating and many 5-star reviews on Amazon


  • Some reviewers were not pleased with the pungent smell 

Nelson Plant Food

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Nelson Plant Food, based in Bellville, Texas, has been in business for more than 30 years. Nelson’s Hibiscus and Flowering Tropical food is a granular fertilizer formulated – in Texas – specifically to help soil and plants in drier climates and conditions. It’s designed to strengthen roots, foliage, and vines and produce brighter-colored blooms.

Its minerals and nutrients work well for tropical and hardy hibiscus, Texas Star Hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, Mallow Hibiscus, Texas Sage, Confederate Rose, Althea, and Ixora. The fertilizer is designed to feed quickly after putting it down and last and release over time until the next feeding. It is recommended for use monthly during the growing season. It can be used for new plantings, transplants, in open gardens, and in containers.

In hot, drier weather, it’s best to increase watering, especially for tropical hibiscus types. Hibiscus can need water up to twice a day in the summer. At the same time, it’s possible to overwater them. The soil shouldn’t become muddy. If leaves turn yellow and begin to wilt and fall off, it’s likely from too much moisture.

Nelson Plant Food Hibiscus and Flowering Tropicals In Ground Container Indoor Outdoor Granular Fertilizer NutriStar is available from $18.79 for two pounds to $74.99 for 25 pounds on Amazon.


  • Easy to use
  • Will not burn plants, is non-leaching
  • Effective outdoors and indoors
  • Has 4.6 rating and many good reviews out of more than 600 reviews on Amazon
  • Formulated specifically for certain conditions and areas of the country


  • Formulated specifically for certain conditions and areas of the country

Carl Pool Hibiscus Plant Food

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Carl Pool Hibiscus Food, from Carl Pool Products in Gladewater, Texas for the last 65 years, is a granular fertilizer meant to be well balanced for all varieties of hibiscus. It includes high sulfur to increase soil’s pH levels. Other minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, help plants build stronger roots, stems, and foliage. Potassium boosts brighter blossoms. 

It is a controlled, slow-release food and is recommended for use only every three or four months during the growing season. A gardener with a small garden can have one of the best fertilizers for hibiscus and put it down just two or three times a year.

One 4-pound jar of Carl Pool Hibiscus Food is $15.99 on Amazon. The product has nearly 1,200 customer ratings and a 4.6-star review average. Reviewers give it the highest marks for being easy to use.


  • Complete, balanced food designed for all hibiscus varieties
  • Optimizes pH level in the soil
  • Do not have to reapply ofter through a season
  • Many five-star ratings and positive reviews, with the highest ratings for “Easy to Use” on Amazon


  • Not safe for children and pets