Best Fertilizer for Hydrangeas: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best fertilizer for hydrangeas

Using the best fertilizer for hydrangeas encourages your flowers to blossom to their fullest potential.

With the plants’ glowing beauty and fragrance, they must receive a specific amount of nutrients.

We’ve found five of the best fertilizer options to keep your hydrangeas thriving throughout the growing season.

Best Fertilizer for Hydrangeas: Reviews

1. Jack’s Classic All-Purpose Plant Food

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With this water-soluble all-purpose plant food, your hydrangeas can flourish to their natural beauty.

Jack’s Classic All-Purpose Plant Food comes in a convenient resealable tub and has a significant number of nutrients.

Also, it has a unique safety feature to protect your flowers as the fertilizer is applied.


One of the things you’ll love about this fertilizer is that it’s not made solely for hydrangeas but for your whole garden, as well.

There are plenty of plant materials that this all-purpose fertilizer can help, especially if they love a 20-20-20 nutrient ratio.

This means that it boasts 20 nitrogen, 20 phosphorus, and 20 potassium.

When applied, the fertilizer seeps into the soil and seeks out the roots of plants.

It also helps to nourish flowers through their foliage, encouraging them to look and remain healthy.

Even if it’s your first time using a fertilizer, you can guarantee this is one of the more convenient options to consider.

Upon application, you won’t have to worry about the fertilizer burning your plants, especially as it’s a slow-release option.

Jack’s Classic All-Purpose Plant Food continues to give back to your garden for up to four months.

All of the optimal nutrition will quickly be absorbed into your hydrangeas, so their blooms are brighter and more fragrant than ever.


  • Useful for indoor and outdoor gardens
  • Very easy for beginners to use
  • Keeps plants thriving throughout winter
  • Magical for hydrangeas
  • Promotes bright greenery


  • Will stain the inside of pots
  • Has a potent smell

2. Espoma Holly Tone Fertilizer


Espoma Holly Tone Fertilizer is a unique mix of nutrients required for a variety of different flowers.

If you’re looking for a targeted solution for your hydrangeas on your apartment balcony garden, this is a great option.

It’s formulated to assist specifically with hydrangeas, evergreens, strawberries, azaleas, and more.


This fertilizer’s most unique feature is that it’s a targeted product for plants that love acidic environments.

Apart from the plants listed above, it can also benefit rhododendrons and blueberries.

Espoma Holly Tone Fertilizer is a popular product among professional gardeners and landscapers, even for indoor gardens.

With their Organic Gardening approval, you can guarantee you’ll be feeding your plant more natural ingredients.

It also features a ton of bio-tone microbes that are a proprietary blend designed to assist your plants with overall growth.

After your first use, you’ll begin to see significant improvements in the blooms and foliage of your hydrangeas.

The formula is organic, so you can rest assured it has more slow-release benefits for long-term health and vitality.

On the other hand, inorganic formulas can provide short-term benefits but won’t nourish your flowers over time.

When the microbes break down into the soil, it creates a more nutrient-rich environment to provide the most beautiful flowers possible.


  • Helps plants to look fuller
  • Hydrangeas thrive with the formula
  • Faster acting than other products
  • Provides significant improvements
  • Doesn’t have an unappealing smell
  • Assists with producing blue hydrangeas


  • Poorly constructed packaging
  • Attractive to dogs and squirrels

3. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food


Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food is an outstanding choice for gardeners looking for an indoor/outdoor formula.

This easy-to-use formula is ideal for apartment gardens, as it has plenty of nutrients your plants will need.

Fortunately, it’s an all-purpose fertilizer to be used with an assortment of flowers and other plants.


It can be challenging to find high-quality fertilizers that provide numerous benefits to different plant types.

With this product, you’ll find all of your favorite plants in your balcony garden can get the attention they need.

There are 11 essential nutrients packed into the fertilizer to promote vitality and overall plant strength.

When the fertilizer is added to the soil, the nutrients will continue feeding plants for up to six months.

It’s also effortless to use with the instructions, so beginners can confidently reap fertilizer benefits.

It has a no-burn pledge, which means it will not create nutrient burn, causing your hydrangeas to wither and die.

Each of the granules has a special coating made from semi-permeable resin.

This technology is designed to provide a slow release of nutrients into the soil without overloading your plants.

As water is applied, it will penetrate the granule slowly and encourage the nutrients to be released.

When there are weather changes, such as warmer temperatures, more nutrients are released to boost growing seasons.

There are several recommended uses for Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food.

It’s an excellent option for repotting containers, acid-loving plants, cuttings, seedlings, perennials, and annuals.

For your convenience, there is a scoop included inside the bag to distribute the fertilizer efficiently.


  • The perfect solution for inexperienced gardeners
  • Convenient resealable bag
  • Only needs replacing after six months
  • Great for all-season use
  • Helps to promote healthy flowering plants
  • Ideal for acidic plants


  • Leaves plastic shells behind
  • Instructions must be followed precisely
  • Has a short shelf life

4. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food


Water-soluble plant food is often one of the more preferred options for fertilizing hydrangeas.

Miracle-Gro is one of the most popular brands globally, as their products are packed with essential nutrients.

Instead of using a fertilizer with microplastic beads, this can be a fantastic eco-friendly alternative.


As with most fertilizers on this list, this product is designed for plants that love acidic environments.

With proper use, your hydrangeas will have more beautiful blooms during the growing season and lusher foliage.

With this product, you will have to ensure that you feed your plants every one to two weeks to keep the soil healthy.

There are plenty of gardens that can benefit from the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food, especially with hydrangeas and azaleas.

You’ll also find the formula beneficial for gardenias, holly, hibiscus, orchids, camellia, and rhododendrons.

Since it’s a water-soluble formula, the fertilizer will need to be prepared before application.

It’s recommended that you invest in the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder for the most straightforward use.

Alternatively, you can use a regular watering to distribute the plant food among your gardens.

The primary objective of this product is to reach the roots of the plants for fast nutrient absorption.

Instead of being a slow-acting fertilizer, the water-soluble formulation instantly begins feeding your plants.

You should begin to see significant changes in growth and overall plant health within two to three days.

When used as directed, you won’t have to worry about accidentally burning your foliage or affecting other plants.

A watering can is the best option for apartment gardens, as you won’t require a water hookup.

All you have to do is add one tablespoon of the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food to every gallon of water for outdoor plants.

Indoor plants will require 1/2 of a tablespoon per gallon.

Once the watering can is filled, you can begin watering your plants and feeding them at the same time.

It’s good to consult the instructions on the packages for the correct watering info for hydrangeas.

With your order, you should be able to feet up to 600 square feet of garden, which is more than enough for balcony plants.

Based on the analysis of the fertilizer, it features a 30-30-10 NPK ratio.


  • Helps to brighten blooms and foliage
  • Begins nourishing plants immediately
  • Easy to use with a watering can
  • Prevents yellowing and browning leaves
  • Offers ample nutrients for hydrangeas


  • Incredibly small package
  • Could be only eight ounces of product

5. LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron


One of the essential nutrients for hydrangeas is iron, especially in an acidic environment.

The LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron helps revitalize flowers from the root to their blooms to help them look healthier.

Also, it ensures they receive the perfect amount of nutritional benefits to prevent disease and wilt.


The LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron is different from traditional fertilizers, as it’s a specialty treatment that rejuvenates your plants.

Its central premise is to fix any plant problems at their core, ensuring that your hydrangeas grow quickly and beautifully.

This formula is phenomenal for its therapeutic properties, and it helps boost your flowers’ metabolism.

Also, it promotes a healthier production of chlorophyll and fixes any nitrogen deficiencies.

Over six percent of the nutrients become bioavailable upon your first application, which helps to reverse signs of plant damage.

For example, leaf chlorosis (yellowing leaves) will begin to be rectified within days to prevent your plants from dying.

It’s also an excellent solution for strengthening your hydrangeas’ root systems so that they return to their natural brilliance.

With a more stable foundation, your plants will have less stress so that they can focus on growing more healthily.

This product is a sugar-based chelator that doesn’t have EDTA, which is ideal for eco-friendly gardens.

As apartment balconies don’t have grass, you’ll find this formula works with indoor and outdoor plants.

However, if you transition to a house, it can also be applied to grass to assist with healthier growth.


  • Immediately helps with chlorosis
  • Improves bloom brightness
  • Creates deeper green foliage
  • Reduces soil alkalinity
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor gardens


  • Poorly written instructions
  • Not recommended for trees
  • Lid leaks continually

Final Verdict

After careful consideration, we concluded that the best fertilizer for hydrangeas is the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food.

Its formula makes it much simpler to maintain your hydrangeas and ensure they’re getting enough nutrients.

Also, it helps to promote better soil acidity to ensure your plants have the optimal environment for growth.

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