Espoma Holly Tone Review

espoma holly tone review

Espoma is one of the most well-known professional gardening brands.

With Espoma’s Holly Tone fertilizer, you can boost the longevity and beauty of acid-loving plants.

Several fantastic flowers will be able to benefit from its specialized nutrients.

Espoma Holly Tone


One of the most considerable benefits of this fertilizer is that it offers organic feeding to acidic plants.

It’s formulated to provide slow-releasing benefits to your gardens for long-term feeding.

Compared to inorganic fertilizers, this product can be a significant improvement for year-round care.

There are plenty of beneficial features that you’ll experience with a slow-release formula.

Also, it’s a great addition to indoor and outdoor plants, especially those put into pots.

Who Is This Fertilizer For?

You’ve likely tried inorganic fertilizer in the past, which can be beneficial but only for the short-term.

If you have begun to notice your plants don’t last as long as you had hoped, an organic solution could be preferred.

With Espoma Holly Tone, you can provide a constant source of nutrition for extended periods.

As organic formulas take longer to absorb into the soil, you’ll also find you need to feed your plants less often.

Many beautiful blooms can benefit from this fertilizer. You’ll love using it for azaleas, hollies, dogwoods, evergreens, camellias, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, and more.

Essentially, any plant that prefers an acidic environment will be able to thrive using this fertilizer.

By the time your plants have been fed, their blooms will be exceptionally vibrant, and foliage will have deeper colors.

You’ll be able to tell at first glance that plants are getting the optimal nutrition they need.

What’s Included?

All you’ll receive with your order is a bag of fertilizer with the essential nutrients inside. It’s recommended you invest in a separate storage container, as the original bag is thin.

With a fertilizer-safe container, you can keep the nutrients fresh and safe from pets and wild animals.

You will also want to consider investing in a scoop so that you can accurately measure the fertilizer you need.

Overview of the Features

If you’ve never used a fertilizer before, you could be curious as to its purpose.

With Espoma Holly Tone, you will be able to create the perfect soil-based environment for your plants.

This process ensures they receive the correct primary nutrients as well as micronutrients for longevity.

Even wilting flowers will have the opportunity to become revitalized after a couple of feedings.

  • Slow-Release Formula

One of its most significant selling features is that it is a slow-release formula for long-term resolution.

Whether you’re revitalizing old plants or maintaining the health of new ones, slow-release is preferable.

Over time, your plants can absorb their essential nutrients for more extended benefits.

  • Exclusive Bio-Tone Microbes

The bio-tone microbes are a proprietary blend of nutrients designed to target ailing plants.

Upon application, flowers will receive an unprecedented number of healthy ingredients to help them perform their best.

  • 4-3-4 Formula

This formula is ideal for acidic environments based on its guaranteed analysis.

You’ll have four percent nitrogen paired with three percent phosphate and four percent potash.

  • Diverse Nutrients

Apart from nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, it also contains five percent calcium, one percent magnesium, and five percent sulfur.

All of the nutrients are derived from organic sources, including feather and bone meal, alfalfa meal, sulfate of potash, and more.

  • Versatile Formula

There is a wide assortment of flowers that the Espoma Holly Tone fertilizer can serve.

It’s exceptional for strawberries, huckleberries, oak, ferns, bayberries, azaleas, juniper, magnolia, marigolds, pine trees, rhododendron, and more.


  • Perfect for acid-loving plants
  • Promotes brighter and longer blooms
  • Effective for fertilizing trees
  • Easy to apply with instructions
  • Doesn’t cause nutrient burn


  • Poor quality packaging
  • Can take time to see improvements
  • Too strong when used incorrectly

How to Use It

Using Espoma Holly Tone is simpler than you might think, even as a beginner.

It’s best to begin fertilizing your plants in the spring and late fall.

Different dosages will depend on the plants you intend to treat.

  • Trees: One pound of fertilizer per inch of trunk diameter
  • Shrubs: One cup per foot of branch spread
  • Flowerbeds: 10 pounds per 100 square feet
  • Newly Potted Plants: Two cups per cubic foot
  • Established Potted Plants: One teaspoon per three inches of pot diameter

After applying the fertilizer to the soil, you can begin watering the plants thoroughly.


One of our favorite alternatives is the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food.

Like the Espoma Holly Tone, this product is designed for acidic plants such as holly, hibiscus, and gardenia.


A couple of its notable features include:

  • Root Feeding: Upon application, this fertilizer seeks roots, so begin rejuvenating plants for quick results.
  • Fast-Acting: Compared to organic fertilizers, this product works significantly faster to show sooner results.
  • Safe Formula: When used correctly, this fertilizer won’t hurt other plants, nor will it cause burning.


Whether you’re an experienced gardener or establishing your first balcony garden, this product is ideal.

Espoma Holly Tone has the perfect combination of nutrients to provide a healthy acidic environment.

Your plants will become exceptionally beautiful and bloom like never before.