A list of Flower Bulbs that will look great on your balcony

Growing Flower Bulbs in Pots

In general, you can plant your tubers in any of the planters or urns on your balcony and you can also keep one dedicated urn for your seasonal tubers. Whichever way you choose the porch to you is going to look just wonderful

How to plant?

Of course, your vessel – a jug planter or whatever you choose – must have an open hole for drainage at the bottom, a depth of 12 inches, a layer of coarse or coarse tuff that covers the bottom, and a garden/light planting mixture on top.

When to plant Flower Bulbs?

If you want your whole balcony to bloom, start planting in the following order:

Starting in September

Cyclamen> Planting depth 2-3 inches
Anemone> Planting depth 1 inch
Daffodils> Planting depth 2 inches, note the daffodils need to be refrigerated for about 5 weeks before planting

balcony flowers

Starting in October

Irises> Planting depth 1-3 inches
Buttercup> 1.5-2.5 inch planting depth
Freesia> Planting depth 1-3 inches

balcony bulbs

Starting in November

Tulips> Planting depth 3-4 inches> Refrigeration is required about 6 weeks before planting.


Flower Bulbs need fast and quality drainage of water, so it is best not to flood them. In terms of irrigation, the soil should be moist and that is all that is required.

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