The best Halloween balcony decor available right now

halloween balcony decor

Are you a fall person? Do you eagerly await the end of summer so you can get straight into fall mode? If so, you’re probably planning out exactly what you are going to be doing for Halloween this year. And one of the most important parts of Halloween planning is all of the amazing decorations. 

If you have a balcony, this can give you all sorts of extra opportunities to add some Halloween fun to your home. Now’s the time to get creative! And we are here to help. Read on for our handy guide to the best Halloween balcony decor available right now. Then you can go right ahead and start planning your perfect Halloween balcony for this year. 

What to consider

Before you go right ahead and order all of the Halloween balcony decor you can find, it’s probably a good idea to have a think beforehand about the overall theme you are going for.

Do you want classy autumn feel for your home or are you going to be going all-out cheesy Halloween scariness? Either option is great, but you really need to pick one and stick with it because a mish-mash of styles is only going to look messy and confused.

We have a nice mix of both styles in our guide, so you can find all of the best pieces to use on your balcony this Halloween, and really make your home stand out.

Best balcony Halloween decor available right now

1) Halloween witch wall climber decoration

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OK, this witch is amazing! And perfect for a balcony. You simply hang it on a hook and it looks like it is trying to get into your home. The best part is that the limbs are movable so you can get it into the perfect position to look as realistic as possible.

Hang this over the edge of your balcony and it will look just like a witch is trying to climb in. This decoration definitely falls into the fun and cheesy camp and it will definitely bring a smile to the face of everyone who visits.


  • easy to hang – it comes with a hook
  • limbs can be positioned however you like
  • can be stored and used again for the following year


  • it is quite small – the witch is around three feet high so not life-size

2) Halloween pumpkin string lights

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These jack o’ lantern string lights are the perfect way to make your balcony look extra special this Halloween. They are 33 feet long and have a total of 50 LED lights. You can set them to eight different light modes: fireflies, waving, fading, chasing, slow fading, twinkling, or constantly on.

They are also solar-powered, so you never need to worry about replacing the batteries. They come with a solar panel that you can position so that it gets the sun and they will charge in the daytime ready for some night-time spookiness.

With their faces, these can definitely fall in the cheesy Halloween band, but it is quite subtle so you could easily get away with having them up as a general fall decoration.


  • solar powered
  • waterproof
  • memory chip remembers your light mode from the previous night


  • it can be difficult to position the solar panel correctly
  • they may not charge fully if you’re in an area that gets very little sun

3) Halloween creepy cloth

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To truly set the Halloween scene on your balcony, you really need a backdrop. And this creepy cloth is a great option. It measures 80 by 200 inches so is big enough for you to play around with and it is made of soft, durable, and non-toxic material.

The really good thing about this cloth is how customizable it is. You can tear holes in it to make look suitably old and creepy and you can also hang other Halloween decorations on it. Want to tear it into strips? You can go right ahead. This cloth really allows you to let your creativity out so your spooky side can shine.


  • durable enough to be re-used the following year
  • easy to customize
  • comes in black or white


  • may get dirty especially when it rains

4) Two-pack maple fall maple garland

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This is definitely a pick for people who want a classy fall look for their Halloween balcony. These artificial maple leaf garlands are absolutely beautiful. They come in two 5.8 foot long pieces. And each piece consists of a flexible piece of wire which is covered in artificial maple leaves and red berries. The leaves have both lines and texture and they are arranged in a range of colors – red, orange, and yellow – that will just scream fall.

The maple leaves are attached to plastic stems on the wire using injection molding so are unlikely to fall off and they are also fade-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about them fading after being outside for the season. You also get four hooks included to help you hang the garlands.


  • flexible enough to create your own fall backdrop
  • easy to hang and durable
  • can be folded away after use


  • may be quite easy to damage, which could ruin the whole look

5) Halloween resin pumpkin

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What Halloween balcony decor is complete without a beautiful pumpkin. And you can’t do much better than this resin pumpkin diorama. The cutaway shows a gorgeous Halloween scene that is lit by purple lights. This pumpkin will look amazing on your balcony and will help you to create a magical Halloween night.

The pumpkin is made of durable resin and has a handpainted finish. It is 10.5″ x 7″ x 10″.


  • durable and easy to re-use for next year
  • beautiful design


  • needs AAA batteries that aren’t included
  • will need to be taken inside if it rains as it will get damaged

6) Hogardek Halloween garden flag

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The beautiful artwork and retro style of this Halloween garden flag will really elevate your Halloween balcony decor. It is made from two layers of burlap that have been double-stitched so it is both weather-resistant and durable. It is also 100% machine washable so even if it does get dirty, it is really easy to get it clean again.

There is a two-inch sleeve at the top that will fit any standard flagpole or flag stand. This Halloween flag will look amazing hanging on your balcony and will help you to stand out from the crowd.


  • vintage artwork
  • durable and machine washable
  • weather-resistant so can be left outside
  • design is on both sides of the flag


  • you will need your own flagpole or stand to hang it on

7) Two-pack LED hanging ghost Halloween decorations

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When it comes to Halloween, you really can’t go wrong with a ghost windsock. These will float around beautifully in even the smallest breeze and are certain to be a hit for any of your visitors. There are different faces on each ghost which adds a nice bit of character and they are also lit in different colors.

This is achieved by two strips of LED lights – one purple and one orange – which are placed inside either of the ghosts. They are easily hung with their integrated clips and these hooks are snap swivel which means they are unlikely to come undone.


  • lightweight enough to float in any breeze
  • bright LED lights which make them stand out


  • the batteries for the LED lights aren’t included

8) Three spider egg sacks

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Spiders are wonderful creatures that help us out in so many ways, but there is absolutely no doubt that they can be very creepy. These spider egg sacks are super creepy fun that will look great as part of your Halloween balcony decor (although they may stop people from wanting go out there!).

They are also a little bit of a DIY project, which can be a fun Halloween craft. In the pack, you get three 100 sqft spider webs, 150 black plastic spiders, three 12 inch balloons, and three mesh bags. To make the spider egg sacks, you will need to blow up the balloons and place the mesh bags over them, drape the spider webs over the top, and then attach all of the spiders.

The spider egg sacks can then be hung using the included sturdy hooks. And once they are assembled, they measure around 27 inches.


  • a fun Halloween craft that creates spooky decor for your balcony
  • everything but the balloons can be reused for the following year
  • very realistic


  • not very durable as the balloons may pop
  • will need assembly before you can hang them

The bottom line

If you’re ready to create some amazing Halloween balcony decor this year, there is plenty available. No matter what your taste or theme, you will be able to find all of the pieces you need to make your balcony a spooky or fall-themed Halloween paradise.