Jack’s Classic All Purpose Plant Food Review

jack’s classic all purpose plant food review

Bringing vitality into your balcony garden is the best way to promote overall plant health.

If you’ve begun to notice a significant reduction in your plants’ vibrancy and fragrance, they could be missing nutrients.

By adding Jack’s Classic All Purpose Plant Food, you’ll have plenty of phenomenal benefits to take advantage of.

Jack’s Classic All Purpose Plant Food

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Instead of targeting a specific type of plant in your balcony garden, this product revitalizes all plants.

Its all-purpose formula makes it exceptionally easy to apply to boost the health of all of your flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

Similar to when you purchase cut flowers, plant food provides essential nutrients for longevity.

Over time, you will begin to see a significant improvement in the foundation of your plants. Their roots will become healthier, as will their stems and foliage.

Above all else, blooms from flowers such as hydrangeas will be brighter and more fragrant. Vegetables and fruits will also begin to provide higher yields during the growing season.

Once applied, this product helps to nourish the soil so that plants have a continual source of nutrients year-round.

Who Is This Plant Food For?

As the plant-food is designed for all-purpose uses, any gardener can benefit from it.

Whether you have a balcony garden or an in-ground garden, you’ll love having this at your disposal.

Using the instructions, you can quickly begin feeding your plants to help remedy gaps in their nutrition.

Compared to other fertilizers, you won’t have to worry about this product burning your plants.

It comes with a high safety factor that ensures the foliage is protected after application. Still, it’s best to follow the instructions to lessen the likelihood of plant damage.

The powerful blend of nutrients features a 1:1:1 ratio, which is perfect for comprehensive care.

Each application has 20 nitrogen, 20 phosphorus, and 20 potassium for all of your plants. As an added benefit, this can be used within indoor plants, as well.

What’s Included?

Everything that you could need from fertilizer is included with your order.

All of the nutrients are packed into the fertilizer and can be easily spread throughout your gardens.

You’ll also appreciate the resealable container, which is more damage-resistant than traditional plastic bags.

It’s recommended to invest in a scoop so that you can gently disperse the fertilizer without using your hands.

Overview of the Features

Jack’s Classic All Purpose Plant Food is specifically designed to deliver essential nutrients to your entire garden.

  • Powerful Nutrient Blend

As mentioned, the nutrients in this all-purpose fertilizer are some of the best on the market.

You’ll have a 20-20-20 mixture, which ensures your flowers and vegetables get the attention they need.

As it’s not heavily weighted to one nutrient, it’s diverse and can be used throughout your entire garden.

  • Total Rejuvenation

When applied, the fertilizer seeks your plants’ roots so that it can begin healing from the ground up.

Once the roots are fortified, the nutrients are absorbed into the rest of the plant, ending with the foliage.

You’ll begin to notice significant changes in the color of the leaves and the brightness of blooms.

  • Year-Round Benefits

As Jack’s Classic All Purpose Plant Food is a year-round solution, it’s also great for indoor plants.

When you bring your balcony plants indoors, the formula helps to promote plant health during colder months.

When growing season approaches, it will continue to nourish your garden.

  • Gradual Nutrient Release

Some fertilizers are designed to provide immediate benefits with fast-acting formulas.

Instead, this formula is slow-releasing, which means it provides vigorous growth for longer.

After the first application, you won’t need to add more fertilizer for at least four months.

  • Enhanced Micronutrients

Apart from the primary nutrients (NPK) in the formula, there are plenty of micronutrients.

These byproducts ensure your plants get versatile care throughout the year.


  • Useful for hydroponic systems
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Provides long-lasting nourishment
  • Very easy to use with instructions
  • Phenomenal for feeding vegetables


  • Might stain the inside of pots
  • Improper use leads to burning

How to Use It

What makes Jack’s Classic All Purpose Plant Food unique is that it can be used in a couple of different ways.

It’s recommended you mix 1/2 a teaspoon per gallon of water to apply to the roots for your first round.

This process helps to boost nutrients into the soil for your plants to begin absorbing immediately.

You can put 1/2 a teaspoon per gallon in a spray bottle and spray the foliage for the following weeks.

It can easily be absorbed both into the leaves and root systems of plants to ensure their growth.


A useful alternative to this plant food is the Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Plant Nutrition.

As another all-purpose plant food, this product is ideal for various vegetables, flowers, and herbs.


Some of its most notable benefits include:

  • Organic Formula: With a purely organic formula, plants will have access to slow-release long-term nutrition.
  • Easily Applied: Gardeners can choose between a traditional watering can or the Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Garden Feeder for application.
  • Enhanced Micronutrients: For optimal plant health, there are plenty of natural micronutrients for high-performance improvements.
  • Seven-Day Feeds: Every seven days, you can apply more plant food for even better results and higher yields.


Jack’s Classic All Purpose Plant Food is a useful solution for indoor and outdoor plants.

With a powerful 20-20-20 ratio, all of your favorite flowers, fruits, and vegetables will have optimal nutrition.

You’ll begin to see signs of improved strength and flowering within a couple of days of use.