Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Review

osmocote smart-release plant food

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food is a fortified formula for all plants.

Indoor and outdoor apartment gardens can benefit significantly from its unique assortment of nutrients.

As one of the most popular gardening brands on the market, it’s useful for all growing conditions.

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food


This fertilizer has a unique design in that it provides food to your gardens for up to six months after application.

There are 11 essential nutrients packed into each scoop formulated to help all plant varieties.

As it’s a multi-purpose formula, you can easily nourish your indoor and outdoor plants.

It also features a no-burn pledge when used as directed, ensuring your plants don’t get damaged.

After putting the product into your pots and flowerbeds, you’ll begin to notice significant improvements.

Flowers will begin to bloom more brightly while foliage will have a deeper green color.

Also, the root systems of plants will become more vital to promote overall plant health.

Who Is This Plant Food Meant For?

If you’re searching for slow-release plant food, this is one of the top-tier products to consider.

Osmocote is owned by Scotts, one of the most prestigious gardens and lawn care companies worldwide.

With each scoop, you can offer up to four months of nutrition, so your plants don’t have to be fed as often.

Plant owners with both indoor and outdoor gardens will especially love this formula.

Instead of investing in several different products for all of your plants, this option is very versatile.

It will feed your plants through their active growing season and while they’re dormant to prepare them for warmer weather.

The all-in-one granules contain all of the necessary amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to ensure plant health.

What’s Included?

With your order, you’ll receive a bag of plant food that can easily be distributed in your gardens.

It can be beneficial to opt for an alternate storage container to keep the nutrients fresh.

Also, we recommend getting a scoop or measuring cup to measure the required amount of food accurately.

Depending on your gardens and plant pots’ sizes, you will likely have to mix different ratios.


Overview of the Features

Feeding your plants is essential to their overall health and vitality.

With products like this, you are given the ability to provide essential vitamins and nutrients to your plants.

  • NPK Ratio

The NPK ratio/fertilizer analysis of this plant food is 19-6-12.

For beginners, these figures mean you’ll have 19 nitrogen, six phosphorus, and 12 potassium.

It’s a rather versatile blend of nutrients that can accommodate most plants with a generic diet.

  • Long Shelf Life

As the plant food is formulated into small pill-like granules, it has a significantly longer shelf life.

By keeping the granules dry, you can get up to eight years’ worth of use before spoilage.

  • Slow-Release Formula

Instead of immediately feeding plants and shocking their systems, this plant food releases slowly.

As it immerses itself into the soil, the nutrients will be distributed with every watering.

This process allows the root systems to soak up all of the nutrition they need over an extended period.

Slow-release formulas are also ideal for helping lessen the time it takes to maintain your gardens.

You’ll only have to worry about feeding your plants every three to four months instead of weekly.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Formula

This feature is particularly beneficial for apartment gardeners, as it can be used with indoor and outdoor plants.

Some types of plant food are only recommended for in-ground garden beds.

Fortunately, there’s the perfect number of nutrients for all of the plants in your home with this product.

  • 11 Nutrients

All of the 11 nutrients will be distributed evenly among your plants as they need it.

Each of the food granules is covered with a unique resin that encourages the slow release of micronutrients.

As the growth cycle continues, plants will have continual access to essential nutrients.


  • Helps to boost flower coloring
  • Easy to dispense granules
  • Convenient for houseplants
  • Feeds entirely throughout the growing season
  • Boosts plant productivity
  • Convenient additive for citrus plants


  • Resin is left behind
  • Puts microplastics into the soil
  • Instructions must be followed

How to Use It

Using the instructions for Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food is essential to prevent plant death.

There are specific instructions printed onto the packaging, depending on the container size for your plants.

For example, eight-inch pots with indoor plants require one teaspoon of the product, while outdoor requires two teaspoons.

After finding the accurate dosage for your plants, you’ll want to spread the plant food throughout the soil.

Ensure that you thoroughly water the soil so that the granules can begin to release the nutrients to your plants.

Fortunately, you should have to feed most plants once per growing cycle.


One of the best alternatives to this plant food is the Dynamite Select All Purpose Plant Food.

It’s available at a lesser cost, and you’ll have seven pounds of plant food to use annually.

Some of the best features of this alternative include:

  • Versatile Formula

You’ll love using Dynamite Select All Purpose Plant Food for foliage, houseplants, ferns, palms, grasses, shrubs, and more.

  • Contains Calcium

With the notable addition of calcium, you can support healthier plant growth and provide more substantial support.

  • Nine-Month Feeding

The slow-release formula continually feeds plants for up to nine months.

  • Contains Micronutrients

All of the micronutrients required for indoor and outdoor plants are included in the formula.


Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food gives your plants the nutrients they need when they need it.

The uniquely designed granules ensure the food is consumed slowly for the most sustained benefits possible.

Plants will surely experience an uptick in growth and overall health.

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