The Best Balcony Dining Sets of 2021

The Best Balcony Dining Sets of 2021

A balcony can be a big luxury for anyone renting or buying a home, especially when floor space is tight.

This outdoor area could become something of an outdoor dining room with the right furniture and finishing touches.

You may be surprised to learn that some patio furniture sets can double up as top balcony dining sets.

With careful placement and the right features in place, you can sit outside and enjoy the view while sharing a drink or meal with the people you love.

Below are 5 of the best balcony furniture sets that could transform your outdoor area this summer.
5 of the best balcony dining sets.

1. 3 Piece Acacia Wood Dining Table and X Frame Bench Set

balcony dining sets
constructed with crisscross designs and simple lines for style and durability

First up, we have a simple wooden slatted bench with a classic style.

This is going to work well in lots of different spaces as you can dress it up and work with it in various ways.

The configuration of the three pieces in this smaller set is perfect for smaller outdoor spaces.

If you wanted, you could use just the one bench and put the table against the side of a balcony to free up more space.

It all depends on how many people are in your household and how you plan on using it. The three-piece set also comes in darker brown or gray, allowing for different styles.

One of the benefits here is that this is real wood, so it is a solid and durable option that should hold up well over the years.

Each bench can take 400lbs, making it more supportive than some cheaper options.

However, there is the recommendation to apply some teak oil every few months to keep it in the best possible condition.

The pros and cons of this balcony dining set.


1) The simplicity of the slatted design

2) The stability of the real wood

3) Additional color options are available


1) Maintenance is required to keep the wood in prime condition

 2. Nuu Garden 3 Piece Aluminum Balcony Bistro Set

81G%2BenbicJL. AC SL1500
Strong yet lightweight cast aluminum

This set uses a completely different material and style for an alternative look on your balcony.

The metalwork of the chairs and matching table involves a cut-out design rather than a solid structure.

This is perfect for giving the illusion of a smaller balcony furniture set and for letting in more light. The combination of the floral pattern and hearts is cute too.

Still, you might be better off covering the seats with a cushion for greater comfort.

This is something that you don’t get with the set, but there are sure to be some compatible cushions around. Failing that, bring one out from the living room.

Both the chairs and tables are lightweight aluminum, so there is no risk of a heavy load on your balcony.

The sturdy 24-inch table also has a hole in the top for a patio umbrella, although this shade is not part of the set.

Overall, while you only get the bare minimum, this is a set that will suit a lot of spaces.

The pros and cons of this balcony dining set.


1) The cute design in the metalwork of the chairs and matching table

2) The size of the set is perfect for couples with small balconies

3) There is the opportunity to add a patio umbrella to the table


1) The umbrella and any necessary cushions are not included

 3. Montclair 3-Piece High-Dining Table Set

91v3EW1ug4L. AC SL1500
UV protected cushions

Sticking with this approach with the lightweight, cut-out metal frame, we have this set of two chairs and a table.

This one isn’t as “pretty”, but it is certainly functional. The table is a little bigger at 33” and protected with a rust and UV resistant coating.

Another nice functional detail here is the swivel on the seat. This is great because you shouldn’t have to move the chair in order to get up and get more food or drinks.

This could make all the difference in such a small space.

Another helpful detail here is that this set comes with cushions, while the option above does not.

These seat cushions are nice and thick at 4” and you can choose between pale blue, navy, red, and tan.

You then get the matching accent pillows for the back.

With such attention to the cushions, you might wonder why they bothered with the design of the metal on the backrest.

But, this does allow for an attractive bare chair if you choose to remove the cushions.


1) Lots of cushions with this set of chairs for a lot more comfort

The pros and cons of this balcony dining set.

2) The swivel seat on the chairs is a nice feature not seen enough in these top balcony dining sets

3) You also get a nice choice of colors to match your décor


1) The cushions could be overkill if you prefer a more minimalist approach

 4. Ergode Endeavor 5 Piece Outdoor Patio Wicker Rattan Dining Set

premium lounge experience

The appeal of this next option is going to depend on the amount of space that you have available.

First of all, there are 5 pieces in this set rather than 3, which means having to make space for two additional chairs.

Then there is the fact that the table is a bit bigger at 36 inches. Finally, the dense material on the rattan weave makes the chairs look bulkier and heavier than they are.

Still, this does allow for a cozier feel that you don’t get so much with metalwork chairs.

These look as though you could sink into them after a long day as you gaze over the world you just conquered.

Despite their appearance, each chair is actually quite lightweight with this synthetic material structure and the aluminum base.

They should also be comfortable with the thin grey seat cushions.

The table matches the set nicely with a similar tone to the surface and the same design in the tapered legs.

While this won’t work in small spaces, it does have the potential to bring people together for alfresco dining in the right area.


The pros and cons of this balcony dining set.

1) A comfortable arrangement with the material and cushions on the seats

2) Plenty of space on the square table to seat all four people

3) The chairs are lightweight and easy to take care off


1) The combination of pieces isn’t going to work in smaller spaces

 5. World of Patio Palm Tree Cast Aluminum Powder Coated 5pc Bar Set

61kEJWDCpML. AC SL1028
Antique Bronze Finish

Last, but certainly not least, we have a set that has some significant wow factor that should impress any guests that come round.

Again, this is a 5 piece set rather than 3 pieces. However, the shape of the table and the seats should mean that they don’t take up as much space.

The chairs are a nice combination of bar stool and more comfortable chairs, with a tall thin base, cushion, backrest, and armrests.

They sit around a matching aluminum powder-coated 48” round table.

The stand-out aspect here is the design with the cut-out palm trees in the metalwork of the backrest.

This is perfect if you have a tropical theme on your balcony, or want to replicate the feel of a hotel balcony from a vacation.

The antique bronze finish on the metalwork is a nice touch too. Some people may not be as keen on these chairs because they aren’t don’t have the same center of gravity as a standard chair.

But, this will have a big impact in the right space.

The pros and cons of this balcony dining set.


1) The wow factor achieved with the fun palm trees and “vacation” vibe of the design

2) There is plenty of space for larger groups, without taking up too much space

3) The attractive powder-coated metal allow provides some protection


1) The tall ball-stool bases aren’t going to be for everyone

Final recommendations for the best balcony dining set.

There is a lot to think about when choosing the best dining set for a balcony.

Size is important, and some of these could be too big for your balcony. So, make sure to get a good idea of your dimensions first.

From there, you can focus on the comfort and design of the pieces as they will have such a striking visual impact in the space.

Practical features, such as swivel seats, strong bases, and other details can help too.

Take some time to compare your options carefully once you have a better idea of the ideal size and your budget.

There are lots of great options in wood, metalwork, material, and more where something is sure to match your needs.

You might be surprised at the sort of set you can fit into a small balcony and how this will go on to change the way you use this outdoor area in the future.

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