The Ultimate Guide To Balcony Swings Chairs

The Ultimate Guide To Balcony Swings Chairs

Want to add that wow-factor to your balcony, so you’re looking for the best balcony swings chair available in the market?

If so, then you are definitely at the right place because we came up with a guide to amp up your indoor or outdoor spaces.

There is no denying the fact that more than anything humans love to relax and what better way to relax is by spending time on the balcony swings chair,

sipping coffee, and reading your favorite book. It literally feels like heaven.

And we are not someone who introduces swinging motion now, we knew it from our childhood when we go to a park and enjoy the swings. Now the question is why the balcony and swing chair go hand in hand.

The answer is quite simple: the balcony is considered as the serene place of the house from where you can see the beauty around you, observe nature and look at the beautiful sky.

It somehow brings the ease to the soul which is needed in our hectic life.

By hanging a swing chair on the balcony, you take the feeling to another level.

But apart from all this, we forget to pay attention to what our bodies need.

But guess what not anymore. You can change up this attitude a little bit by installing balcony swings on your balcony.

Swing chairs are extremely comfortable and have a healthy and cave feeling. Plus, they can be hung on the balcony.

So while sitting on your balcony swings, you can enjoy the view around you and pay attention to the plants. The feeling is indescribable which is exactly why most people go for swings in their homes.

If that’s not enough to convince you then we have something that will surely draw your attention.

Decent houses that are featured in various decor publications often have a trendy swing in their balconies which not only contributes to the house’s atmosphere but often allows family members to ease and revitalize themselves.

What to Consider

Now as this is the buying there is something you need to consider before going for balcony swings.

The shaded canopy, a traditional chain-hung swing, a drop hanger suitable for one, and a flying option are only a few of the choices and models to remember. Further, you need to pay attention to your needs and your home decor.

However, this can be a lot for someone with a tight schedule so we have done all the heavy lifting for you.

We carefully weighed beauty and protection when choosing swings for this guide. We choose pieces with a variety of textures, colors, and patterns, as well as various embellishments. Below we are listing some of the best balcony swing chairs available in the market.

Best Balcony Swings Chairs Available in the Market

Now without wasting any more time let’s jump to the creamy part where we will provide specifications, what we like and what we didn’t like in the chair.

1. Egg Shape Hanging Chair

Egg Shape Balcony swing

The very foremost on our list is an egg-shaped balcony chair with a stand by a brand named CGAOMP.

This Wicker chair with support can accommodate one adult or two children.

The best part is that the chair takes limited space, so it ends up leaving enough space for other things.

Further, the chair is hand-weaved and crafted by an excellent artist. It weighs around 350LBS and has extra stability.

The thing most people find daunting is the assembling part especially when you don’t know the ABCD of it.

So, the exciting part of this chair is, even an unskilled person can assemble the chair within 15 to 20 minutes without any extra effort. The chair costs $369.


Coming to the pros of the chair

  • It requires low maintenance.
  • It can withstand all kinds of weather.
  • CGOAMP accepts returns for a reason, including consistency or loss.


About the cons of the chair

  • The chair is available in limited color.

2. Egg Shape Chair with Stand

Egg Shape balcony swing with Stand

Further on our list is a patio basket chair with a stand by the brand named Bulexyard.

This chair would be a wonderful addition to the balcony because it is robust and secure.

The chair stand is made up of stainless steel and it comes up with accessories such as cushions, 4 point support, and much more.

There are zippers on the rear and arm cushions that allow the inner cushions to be easily removed for cleaning.

Using the tools and accessories, assembling the Basket Chair Stand frame is a cakewalk, even a novice can do it. The chair cost $219.


Now let’s cast light on the cons of this chair

  • The chair makes a wonderful addition to the decor.
  • It comes up with a stand and safety strap.
  • Further, it offers relaxing seating to individuals.


Talking about its cons

  • It is suitable for one adult only.

3. Hammock Chair

Hammock balcony swing

Next, we have a balcony swing chair manufactured by Lambgier.

The egg chair’s seat and base are made of rattan resin wicker bundled across powder-coated steel for weather resistance.

The chair will look fantastic with your outdoor and indoor decor especially if you decide to hang it on the balcony.

Not just this it comes up with accessories like nylon rope, pillion seat, and armrest pillow.

The hammock chair may be moved to a different frame easily without any additional effort. About the cleaning of the cushions, it comes up with zippers to clean the inner cushions. The best part is the chair is foldable.

It costs $289 and is available in three colors.


Okay so let’s see what this chair have in their closet

  • The chair is easily movable.
  • It is very easy to assemble the chair, one can do it in a matter of time by simply following the instructions written in the manual.
  • The chair is very comfortable for a single individual.


Let’s focus on its cons

  • Not many colors available for this chair.

4. Wicker Rattan Swing

Wicker Rattan balcony swing

Moreover, we have the deluxe swing chair by the brand named Kasiqiwa.

The chair is made up of a PE rattan of high strength. It can withstand any weather condition and has the ability to fight corrosion.

The chair is not easily breakable, that is the thing which is very certain about the piece.

It is very easy to store and has the highest load-bearing capacity which is 550pounds. It comes with a 3mm wall tube that offers toughness to the chair.

The chair is easily foldable and comes up with a cover that protects the chair from dust and train.


About the pros of this chair

  • 600D Oxford fabric is used for the waterproof shell.
  • The chair suits the human body’s curves and relieves pressure on the forehead and spine.
  • It comes up with cushions made of lofty cotton.


Its cons include

  • The availability of the chair gets sold out very quickly.

5. Wicker Hanging Basket Style balcony swings

Wicker Hanging swing for balcony

Lastly, we have a teardrop swing chair made by a brand named Peak Home furnishings.

This criss cross-woven basket-style chair is made of all-weather wicker and provides a comfortable and welcoming resting spot. For optimum comfort,

a fluffy cushion and a padded pillow are included. Further, the hanging basket is attached to the stand which is made of coated steel.

The chair has a weighing capacity of 250lbs.

This swing chair can be hung everywhere thanks to the provided stand. The chair is available in three colors and costs $389.


Let’s see what pros this chair have

  • It is suitable for a balcony.
  • With a front entry configuration that ensures stability and prevents tripping.
  • The chair is faded and stain-resistant.


About the cons

  • You might get products in two different packaging which can be annoying. They ship chairs and stand in separate packaging.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Making a Purchase

There are certainly some things that you need to pay attention to before making a purchase as these chairs cost money and we don’t want to regret our purchase.

  • You should think about how much room you have at home. If you have enough rooms, go for the big size, but if you don’t, go for the small size.
  • When you go swinging chair shopping, make sure you know what you want to get out of it. If the chair is for a senior citizen or for anyone in your household.
  • Color selection should be made in accordance with the color scheme of your home since this will result in an improved swing chair.

Other than this, always check your budget and read all the reviews as it will give a better idea about the chair. Plus never overlook the safety measures if you are using it for home purposes. Make sure that the material used is solid and can withstand the weight of the average adult.

The Bottom Line

That’s all! Here we have provided our honest opinion about the balcony swings chairs. We know the process of finding the right chair can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why we have listed the best chair we found useful and solid. All the mentioned chairs are available on Amazon and we had given them a certain quality of time and then came up with this review. However, no amount of review can match with your expectations but well here we have tried to save your time.

So just check it out and let us know what you think about it.

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