What Is The Best Artificial Grass For A Balcony


Living in an apartment you can begin to long for the green scenery that comes with the luxury of living in a house, but this burning desire for luscious green surroundings doesn’t need to be a distant dream any longer. 

Did you know that many of those swish apartments boasting green balconies and rooftops in magazines use artificial grass instead of real grass?

Artificial grass is perfect for apartment living as it’s low maintenance, simple to install, and looks great all year round – what’s more, it may even add a bit of value to your property. 

However, it’s all well and good droning on about the benefits of artificial grass, but what is the best artificial grass for a balcony, and what’s the best way to go about using it on a balcony?

I’ll be guiding you through everything you need to know about installing artificial grass on your balcony and how to create a luscious outside space that’ll have your neighbors green with envy. 

What is the best artificial grass for a balcony? 

Artificial grass

Now when you come to artificial grass for a balcony, you can’t just choose any old thing, there are some factors you need to consider. 

Below are some things you’ll need to look out for when buying artificial grass for a balcony:

  • Pile Height
  • Pile Density
  • Foam Underlays
  • Fibre Material
  • Instant Recovery Technology

Who knew there was so much to consider when choosing what artificial grass to buy? No need to worry however as I’ll explain each factor more in-depth so you can fully understand.

Pile Height

As your artificial grass will be placed on your balcony and only mostly viewed from other buildings above or nearby, then you’ll only need a shorter pile height as barely anyone, if anyone at all will be viewing your artificial grass from side-on. 

It’s going to be pretty obvious that whatever grass you install on your balcony is fake and your neighbors will know this too.

So there isn’t a need to opt for more expensive long pile artificial grass as it’s more expensive and will look less natural and less maintained on your balcony. 

The ideal pile height for artificial grass on a balcony is between 20mm and 30mm. 

Pile Density

If you want healthy-looking artificial grass (I mean, who doesn’t?), then you’ll want to focus more on the pile density rather than the pile height.

Pile density refers to the number of artificial fibers that are stitched to the backing layer and how close together they are. 

Anything below 18,000 stitches per square meter will look too sparse from above, however, this may differ from brand to brand so ask the manufacturer what they’d recommend for your application. 

Foam Underlays

If you want your artificial grass to have a softer feel when you’re walking across it then it may be a good idea to get foam underlay for your balcony.

It will also help hide any dips or cracks in the hard surface of your balcony so everything looks even once the artificial grass is installed. 

It may be easier to install foam underlays if your balcony is fully enclosed by a solid wall compared to if you had a glass balcony or a balcony with metal bars. 

For a balcony, we’d recommend a foam underlay that is 10-20mm for comfortable walking. 

Fibre Material

If your balcony is exposed to the elements, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got artificial grass that is durable and hard-wearing so that it won’t decrease in quality over time.

That being said, you’ll still want it to be comfortable to walk barefoot so you’ll need to find a material that has both these qualities.

We recommend polyethylene as it’s a good combination of both and is widely used in the artificial grass industry. It’s also on the more affordable side so you won’t end up breaking the bank.

Instant Recovery Technology

If your artificial grass on your balcony is going to experience heavy use then you may want to consider getting one that has instant recovery technology.

Heavy use could entail people using the balcony with shoes on constantly, garden furniture being used and permanently outside and even a grill being permanently situated outside. 

As artificial grass with instant recovery technology has springy nylon fibers that can spring back to their original upright position after being flattened, your balcony area will still look in good shape no matter how much you use it.

However, if you only intend to use your balcony as a green oasis and not to make use of the outside area apart from stepping on the grass barefoot, then there won’t be a need to get this incorporated technology. 

What artificial grass do I recommend?

My best two current recommendations for artificial grass for balconies would be the PET GROW Artificial Grass Turf and the LITA Premium Artificial Grass.

Both are slightly different and may be suited for different needs or visual preferences but they both serve as excellent balcony artificial grass. 

PET GROW Artificial Grass Turf

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This PET Grow artificial grass has a slightly higher pile height than we’d normally recommend necessary for a but due to the 85,000 stitches per square meter, it has the texture and appearance of real grass so some people looking from afar may not know any different. 

It’s low maintenance and perforated with holes so that when it rains outside your grass will dry quickly so you can still enjoy it when the weather isn’t great.

It’s also super easy to install and can be cut for your desired shape or length without the material fraying.

As the name suggests, this artificial grass is suitable for pets and I’m sure they’ll appreciate some greenery of their own out on the balcony. 

LITA Premium Artificial Grass

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Another top quality recommendation for artificial grass for balconies is the LITA Premium, it’s non-toxic and has a 4-toned pattern to help it look natural and realistic.

It can be installed with grass tapes so great if you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional to do so.

It is UV-protected and resistant against mildew so it’ll survive year-round weather conditions and your pets and children will be able to enjoy their time out on the grass on your balcony. 

What do I need to install artificial grass?

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If you’re going to use turf seam tape to install your artificial grass on your balcony then this one by Linghou is highly recommended, it’s self-adhesive and is UV resistant, weatherproof, and waterproof so will stay in place all year-round.

How do you use artificial grass on a balcony?

You can use your artificial grass area on your balcony however you like, you can get creative or keep it simple. 

You can create a little green haven for yourself out on your balcony once you’ve installed artificial grass.

You could get some of your favorite plants or flowers and dot them around your balcony how you wish.

We’d recommend using some heavy-duty outside planters if you’re going to grow anything off your own as they’ll stay in good condition no matter what the weather is.

Artificial grass may encourage you to use your balcony more since it looks more inviting.

Why not try using some waterproof and shatterproof solar string lights across your balcony so you have lighting out there in the evenings to socialize with any guests or to just relax on your own.

If your balcony is big enough, you could put some outside tables and chairs on the artificial grass so then you can enjoy eating outside in comfort.

You’ll want something that you can fold up and bring inside when the wind picks up so they don’t blow around or over your balcony. 

A balcony with artificial grass is great for people with dogs who live in high-rise apartments as it reduces the number of times they have to take their dog outside of the building to do their business.

Artificial grass will just drain dog pee so they can go out on the balcony whenever they need to, saving owners a lot of time and effort. 

However, dog poop will need to be cleaned up as you would with a regular lawn to keep it looking good. If you’ve got pets, why not consider getting them an outside dog bed so they can make the most of the outdoor area on your balcony. 

If you’re going to use an outside grill on your artificial grass, then it’s recommended to protect the area underneath and around it. You should set your grill up on some slabs or some bricks away from the artificial grass.

The high heat can melt the artificial grass and could even cause a fire, so grilling outside on your balcony with artificial grass is generally opposed.

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